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Cunial Components Srl

The company cunial is in the shoe field for sixty years, collaborates with the most famous trade-marks of the sport field (the area of Montebelluna is famous in order to be the world-wide center of the sport footwear) in particular in trekking shoes.

We have internationalized ourselves and we have grown along with the bigger and famous companies in the sport sector, we’ve created a relationship of confidence with our customers, and with them we study the better product they request to insert in their footwear that join together various technical aspects (lightness, flexibility, resistance, duration).

We commercialize products for footwear for the Rhenoflex company. We have an internal design studio for the study of every model. We directly manage the logistic aspect for shipments in Europe.
Cunial Components Srl

Key Strengths

The search for absolute quality in production and services, the constant technological updating, the proposal of new products and materials has allowed our company to gain a position of prestige in the footwear components sector, becoming a reference point for the most famous and prestigious brands in the sector.

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